The best nail polish direct sales company in 2018

The best nail polish direct sales company in 2018

the best nail polish direct sales company 2018

Looking for the best nail polish company to join in 2018?

GelMoment is the only direct sales mlm company whose product is a 1-step gel nail polish.

The company is based in Canada and also operates in the US, UK, and Australia.


What makes GelMoment’s gel polish unique?

Sure there are other gel polish formulas that have pretty colors and last 2 weeks, but these are the things that really set GelMoment apart

It’s non-toxic

GelMoment polish is a 5+ free formula. What does that mean?

A 5-free nail polish is formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, or camphor. And that’s cool, but a lot of nail polish nowadays is 5-free, so that alone doesn’t make it especially unique.

What’s really important is that little “plus”. Meaning GelMoment is ALSO free of lead, latex, gluten, TPHP, solvents.

GelMoment’s nail polish is actually healthy for your nails and gives you the same salon-quality manicure without all of those toxic chemicals!

It’s a ONE-step polish

GelMoment does not require a base or top coat. And that cuts down the time you spend doing your nails by at least a third.

I’m talking a 10-minute manicure! Or 15 minutes if you do two coats of polish.

Once the gel polish cures (in 45 or 60 seconds depending on which lamp you use), then it won’t budge from your nail until you’re ready to use it. So there is no drying time either!

The 1-step formula also cuts down on cost because all you need is the color that you want to use! No more investing in expensive base and top coats over and over again.

GelMoment LED lamps have a lifetime warranty

Is your LED bulb going dim? (rare, but it can happen) They’ll replace it! For free!

Did your lamp get damaged? They’ll replace it! For free!

Did the connection to the power outlet get loose? They’ll replace it! For free!

Ok ok, I think you get the point. These lamps aren’t even expensive ($25 and $45), so having a lifetime warranty is actually kind of nuts, but amazing.

So you literally only have to invest in a lamp for yourself ONCE, because if anything happens, GelMoment will take care of you!


What makes GelMoment different from other network marketing companies?

Aside from the exceptional products, there are a few things that make GelMoment stand out from other mlm companies.

You get paid faster

You get paid one hour after every single sale.

No waiting around for a once-a-month paycheck. You don’t even have to wait a week!

You literally get paid right away and have access to your funds after every sale. That money is yours. You earned it! So it shouldn’t be locked up somewhere else forever.

Leadership is extremely open and honest

GelMoment’s CEO and COO are amazingly open and honest with their distributors.

They tell us about deals and promotions that the company will be offering in advance so we can actually plan out marketing strategies!

They are super real and tell us exactly why certain aspects of the company or the products are the way they are.

They have nothing to hide and since they value transparency, they welcome open discussions between distributors and leadership.

It makes for a really healthy business relationship and fosters trust and immense feeling of support.

Directly interact with the CEO

Along those same lines of openness and transparency, GelMoment’s CEO, Dov, hosts a live chat on Facebook at least once a month.

This gives him an opportunity to share what’s coming up and it also gives distributors the chance to directly ask questions and provide feedback.

The chats are fun and I’m always blown away by how Dov actually gets to know the distributors. It makes it feel like a family!

Dov also happens to really like giving freebies away during the live chats, so you have lots of chances to win all sorts of goodies!

Free Professional Training

GelMoment has hired Karen Clark, a direct selling and social media expert, to create custom training tailored specifically for GelMoment.

Distributors have access to learn from her and ask her questions in our private Facebook group, which is an amazing resource for learning how to launch and grow your business.

Karen also invites other direct sales and network marketing experts to do webinars each week, so we are always learning about the newest and most relevant content.

Why join my GelMoment team?

If you already know a GelMoment distributor and would like to join their team, that’s great!

But since GelMoment is still so new, you might not know any distributors personally. In that case, you can either search for a distributor online, or I would be happy to guide you through enrolling, setting up your business, and getting off to a fast start!

A quick-start guide to your first 14 days

I have created a quick-start guide to walk you through your first 14 days as a GelMoment distributor. The amount of training and resources can be overwhelming, so I will walk you through exactly what to do and learn each day to get your business going.

My quick-start guide is set up as a learning unit it in my team’s private Facebook group, so you can see and complete each step on your own time whenever you are ready.

Low pressure but high support

Some people only want to work their business casually and I totally get that. Others want to hit the ground running, build their customer base and their own team fast, and work it like a full-time job.

Either way, I am here to support you!

But I will never ever pressure you into buying product that you don’t need or doing things that you don’t want to do for your business.

In fact, one of the reasons that I love GelMoment in particular is because you DON’T have to invest in a ton of inventory. Since customers can place their orders online and corporate will handle packing and shipping their orders out, you don’t have to keep anything in your own home unless you really want to.

Of course, if you choose to keep stock on hand to sell to people in person, that can be a fantastic personal business model too. But you absolutely don’t have to if you would rather keep it all online.

Want to have parties? Cool! You can host them either online or in person. Want to do local trade shows and expos? Go for it! Want to focus on social media and online sales? That’s fantastic and you can do a lot of things to stand out! Choose one way to build or business or all of them, but it’s entirely up to you.

Start your business as a GelMoment Independent Distributor now!

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