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the best nail polish direct sales company 2018

The best nail polish direct sales company in 2018

Looking for the best nail polish company to join in 2018? GelMoment is the only direct sales mlm company whose product is a 1-step gel nail polish. The company is based in Canada and also operates in the US, UK, and Australia.   What makes GelMoment’s gel polish unique? Sure there are other gel polish…
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gelmoment is an mlm but not a scam

Yes, GelMoment is an mlm, but it’s not a scam

What exactly IS GelMoment? At it’s core, GelMoment is a company that makes a gel nail polish system with accompanying nail care, skin care, and accessories. The corporate headquarters are in Canada and the company operates in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. But it’s an mlm? Yep! GelMoment is a multi-level…
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gelmoment how to do gel nails at home

GelMoment: How to do gel nails at home for an easy DIY no-budge manicure

If you are considering getting a gel nails kit to do your own gel nails at home, you may be wondering exactly how it all works. Or better yet, your GelMoment kit has already arrived and you would like to know exactly how to use it. Does it sound complicated? There are a few tools…
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