Month: May 2018

is it safe to get gel nails while pregnant

Is it safe to get gel nails while pregnant?

When I became pregnant with my first baby, I suddenly had to stop and think about all of the beauty and personal care products that I was using. Were they safe to use now that I was pregnant? And if not, had they even been safe for me to use beforehand? It was pretty stressful…
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gelmoment is an mlm but not a scam

Yes, GelMoment is an mlm, but it’s not a scam

What exactly IS GelMoment? At it’s core, GelMoment is a company that makes a gel nail polish system with accompanying nail care, skin care, and accessories. The corporate headquarters are in Canada and the company operates in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. But it’s an mlm? Yep! GelMoment is a multi-level…
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